About us

Welcome to HyperStore.com.pk

HyperStore.com.pk is upgraded and well growing online marketing place, offering an unparalleled shopping experience in all over the globe. We host a wide assortment of consumer electronics, fashion and beauty products and many other categories included as well.

Product Manufacturing & Delivery service

Our product manufacturing is directly linked to (china warehouse) with the help service through one of our head offices which are located in China and you will receive your order in at-least 15-30 days of time period.


If you are interested to place your orders which is manufactured in Pakistan it will take 3-7 days of time period to deliver your order at your doorstep .. We deal in pure original and best quility imported (Chinese) or local (Pakistani) products.

Product Manufacturing & Delivery service

We believe putting a genuine variety of products at your fingertips in the meantime is also a responsibility so we won’t let down you’ re trust. We are founded on the policy of providing only original and authentic products.


HyperStore.com.pk is having a group of realistic mind and honest workers as well therefore don’t worry because we also believe that online shopping should also be a right comfort for everyone also not to hesitate or confused to take the first move on our marketplace, it is not about a luxury it is about to have you you’ re needs on your doorstep with prices affordable. That is why we aim to deliver our customer their placed/placing orders at the most reasonable prices.


HyperStore.com.pk we pride ourselves on serving the needs of your whole household. So, if you're managing the well-being of your partner, children, elderly relative or even a friend you've come to the right place.


Our team believes that online shopping place is also about creating a friendly and supportive environment with our customers with a best faithful and amazing experience for a very long time in future also, so we will stay around for any help or support you need. We have experts in our team who can help you find the best products for specific requirements.


Our vision is to make you satisfy with our service and to make a long time bonding with you in future.